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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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our headlines after yet more shelling eastern ukraine is two biggest cities are braced for a military blockade as the new president personally orders to see just put in place . to look. for low. that. these fourteen palestinians are killed us israel launches a large scale offensive against what our country's demanding an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council. also this hour the french finance minister says the global currency system needs to move away from the dollar after one of the biggest country's biggest banks is hit by a nine billion dollar fine for not complying with sanctions put in place by washington.
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it's just gone eleven pm this choose the evening here in the russian capital you're tuned into r t international i mean only welcome government has had several apartment blocks in the eastern ukrainian city of lugansk at least one person was killed in the latest assault kiev had promised not to target residential areas but pictures from the scene suggest that pact has not been kept. they don't have the front of school they didn't start it that way that you wanted to do it because it was. the low of the list. that it is. a little guy. well as well as being shelved two major cities in the east are
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facing a blockade ordered by president poroshenko in order to stop the movement of government forces you can see what recently altered here self-defense fighters pulled back from this area from into the city of the next just below here which is a population of around one million people here is lugansk which is home to five hundred thousand people both cities have rebelled against a reef a national brings us more knowledge from lugansk. the operational leadership in kiev announced that the cities of the nets and lugansk will be besieged so that the anti-government forces will be sealed inside without any chance to get any support from anywhere outside and all that with continuing attacks and of course fears a rise in right now that the consequences of this besieged could be more dramatic we hear to read here every day and many times a day we also know that multiple rocket launcher known as good art or ok it was also used here both sides claim that they are not targeting and they will not
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target the residential areas but we have to tell that it happens and this is why me and my cameraman although we are now in the city center we have to work in flak jackets on monday and shell landed just a few blocks away from where we are now between a car and reportedly the driver died at the scene and today as a minibus also was hit in the city center and reportedly two people were killed as well while the army strategy is obviously to target those who they claim a terrorist and separatists it is clear that ordinary civilians become victims very often. sure. remove me. what is it what is a school. you. should be well we can say that the anti-government forces are now in high alert
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preparing for this besieged but local residents are also getting closer to something that could be described already as panic this is the situation here on the ground right now and fears are that it could even deteriorate raef notion or from lugansk we asked marcus papadopoulos editor of the politics first the web magazine whether kiev even has the capabilities to take such a major city oust an answer. that all depends on where five k. of has the was sources to take on a city as large as donetsk is and what we know is that they certainly have no moral compunction in killing hundreds of ukrainian civilians for mortars from tank shells frew airstrikes we're talking about civilians including women and children dying on a daily basis being maimed on a daily basis but the ukrainians will keep on doing that because they are backed by the americans principally also the europeans but america is
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a superpower and they have backed by them and now they can claim they have a legitimate president they can go for an all out victory in the east starting with donetsk but they've got to now face another battle and that will be quite a battle to win the hearts and minds of the people they've been killing and injuring on a daily basis over the past three months some of the fiercest battles have been for control of various strategic points the following video was reportedly filmed contested border checkpoint. not you loesch. you. shall lie but i see it was a much he. because you believe you see a v.c.
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you don't know. the two sides have fought over this checkpoint for more than a month this is what it looked like after the battle you can see really see the area is deserted and according to a conversation heard on the video the i'd lie in area is heavy with snipers. the city of slovyansk meanwhile was retaken by the army after anti-government fighters left this on a robber a deputy known for his bullying tactics soon made an appearance the mounting the head of the local administration admit to being a traitor. there. were more on the growing blows of wallace and barbara. one pieces you join. the new lot. of you know not what you're going to grab you are usually one hundred.
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rated stayed in the city to restore water and power which had been damaged during months of shelling he tried to reason with the m.p. refusing to admit to being a coward or a traitor finally gave in and signed a confession. israel is reportedly readying for a ground invasion of gaza with the launch of a large scale offensive against the region at least fourteen palestinians have been killed and dozens including children wounded in the attacks are a big states and i want an urgent meeting of the un security council reports from the israeli palestinian border while forty thousand israeli reserve soldiers have been called out but this comes as the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu instructs the i.d.f. to prepare for a possible ground offensive into gaza now no confirmation as to if or when this will happen but certainly the need on the ground is that it could possibly happen in the coming few hours the only thing we've heard from netanyahu is a warning to his soldiers to prepare for
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a long operation eighty palestinians have been injured a number of them have been killed in what israel says are targeted assassinations but as is always the case there are women and children and innocent people who get killed in these strikes i'm standing on the israel gaza border which as you can imagine is very tense behind me is gaza and almost every fifteen twenty minutes there is a whoop a dropping its deadly cargo there have also been israeli helicopters dropping leaflets looting residents of gaza to come for. and reveal the hiding places of militants firing these rockets not cairo is acting as a mediator but so far with very little success hamas is saying that it will not stop with its rocket barrages until israel stops with its strikes and at this stage it seems highly unlikely that either is going to do that. ministry of information in gaza has dubbed israel's actions irresponsible seeing the resulting in innocent
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deaths right now move to the children people innocent supply says we had a medical. supplies city or whole family only of them were killed if three of them children this is a really. disgusting operation against a in gaza with no any sense of responsibility towards even a humanitarian crisis and disasters in gaza strip and rowing this just right now we have a big strike and until this moment is second by second there is aggressions strikes airstrikes sorry and talking to the people i knew where and in places without even a big noise saying the places of the people living. indeed israel's regular operations in galleries in the past inevitably led to civilian casualties only a year after the i.d.f.
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pulled its troops from the region operation summer rains was launched after an israeli soldier was kidnapped by hamas the so-called militant action claimed the lives of more than one hundred civilians two thousand and eight so the deadliest offensive in gaza yet it was described as a massacre in the arab world killing almost a thousand on resulting in a humanitarian crisis and pillar of defenses one of the most recent operations which began with the killing of the hamas leader led to numerous civilian deaths the number of those killed and wounded in recent days is already climbing over this really military refuses to accept their strikes are to blame for civilian casualties when a coster ever interviewed their spokesperson a little earlier. this is an unfortunate situation israel had no intention no wish to go and attack gaza but hamas put us in this corner where you know our civilians are unable to move their children today. could not be allowed to go to
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kindergarten children could not go to summer camp they had to stay in the safe room that's unacceptable we're not willing to let this go and that's why the military has been challenged to protect the state of israel isn't there a better perhaps more peaceful way because obviously what events and so far is not working all it does is resulting in more casualties for palestine hamas is responsible hamas is accountable we are responsible for safeguarding the state of israel that is our mission and that is what we will do. the conflict has provoked international reaction both germany and france call for violence and confrontation to be avoided and get the latest updates from our correspondent paula slayer she tweets from the israeli palestinian order. frontis finance minister has called for rebalancing of world currencies he wants to move away from the dominance of the u.s. dollar after america forced the b.n.p.
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part of us buying to pay a nine billion dollar fine for not abiding by various u.s. imposed sanctions and french economist sapir agrees washington set a dangerous precedent with its actions back to liz a problem is not the amount of money is that the french bank is to pay to the us government what is actually a streak is a possibility for us nonresident for people and even to the united states to use the u.s. dollar is a problem it is a risk this right to be fine all too common in. the us regulation zen everybody would be at risk if it uses the u.s. the law for any transactions a world. size offers financial institutions a little protection from the u.s. commerce bank the second largest bank in germany is also facing possible fines for
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allegedly sanctions put in place by washington the minimum penalty would be half a billion dollars america's dominance of global markets is underwritten by the dollar being the most traded currency but countries around the world are making steps to move away from the greenback the euro zone for example has its own powerful to the euro which is shared by more than three hundred million people last year the you signed a massive currency swap agreement with china allowing the dollar to be excluded from future deals and on monday brics countries said they would form a bank with up to one hundred billion dollars in reserves to compete with the i.m.f. robert rules chair of the bruges group think tank believes changes are afoot. there's a lot of concern about the dollar as the common sort of major global reserve currency well emerging economies are pretty much on happy with american domination of setting the price of goods such as oil in dollars relation of the common sea
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is of course one concern that they have but the united states does defend the dollar with of course its military force and that's been seen on a number of occasions with countries that have been arguing that they should move away from using the dollar then found themselves subject so united states sanctions and of course even in some cases military force in recent history america has a massive trade deficit and if it wasn't for the demand for dollars created by its position as being the global reserve currency america would sink economically. still to come this hour america snatches a russian citizen and the mole daves on suspicion of hacking also condemns a. kidnapping we look at the latest sore point in relations between the two nations plus. britain struggles to stem the flow of extremists returning from syria two men arrested at a london airport admit to planning terrorist attacks out of more interest few
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moments time. plus friends there are now friends coco chanel jim as well ben's making a global economic policy these days of collapsing up by what america is to everyone i don't lose friends and not influence people. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here we're not going to hear any right other big story the hamster headline same time there's a reason they don't want you to know. now let's break the set. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world light snack.
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food pictures of today's leaves. from around the globe. drop to. s. has arrested a russian citizen in a month on suspicion of cyber fraud hucking and theft of personal information of u.s. citizens moscow's foreign ministry says it's being kept in the dark and reacted with fury not least because he's the son of a russian m.p. ortiz guy near the latest for us the u.s. secret service has captured the russian citizen in the mall the fs and shipped him to a u.s. base in guam where he was formally arrested moscow qualify so there's no ifs detention as kidnapping so there's no father who happens to be
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a russian state duma deputy lawmaker thinks it might be a scheme to trade his son for edward snowden his family also says ramos citizen of still doesn't have a lawyer moscow also criticizes the government of the mall defs for letting the u.s. secret service smuggle people out of their country like that well the maldives is not the only place where the u.s. was allowed to do that thailand allowed the u.s. to take hold of victor boot the russian arms dealer in the capital of liberia u.s. forces arrested pilot constantin your schrenker four years ago to charge him with drug trafficking russians are not the only ones the u.s. is chasing around the world citizens of other countries became subject to these kinds of snap extraditions in some cases they were captured just based on suspicion and later their cases fell apart like that of khalid to el masri a german citizen who was snatched in macedonia and sent to a cia black sites in afghanistan where he was tortured and the u.s. government later admitted it was a mistake and released him
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a similar thing happened to a house on nasir an egyptian cleric who was smuggled from italy to be released later so this is a recurring situation where the u.s. captures citizens of different countries without properly notifying their governments. and here's a glimpse of what we have on line few right now fracking send shock waves across parts of the u.s. and literally scientists find that she is responsible for hundreds of earthquakes in the state of oklahoma and it's getting worse as you can find it's on our t.v. dot com also they're. wrong control to rubble in all its google smartphones with three d. vision and centers could soon be able to control robots on the international space station all the details as always just the way. right from the scene. of the first strike. and i think that you're.
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on our reporter's twitter. and instagram. to be in the. lead. to british man who went to syria to fight alongside us how pleaded guilty to plotting terrorist attacks both were arrested at a london airport by the kuntar terrorist unit polly porker has more. mohammad ahmed and you said spent eight months in syria last year now the twenty two year olds are british citizens originally from birmingham but they learnt about the conflict in syria they seemingly became radicalized online and ended up contacting islamic extremists in order to join a terrorist group that was fighting to talk pull the government of bashar al assad in syria live now admitted to preparing to carry out acts of terrorism but this
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isn't the only case of brits flying out to syria just two days ago a british muslim who says that he's fighting for isis in syria vowed to wage war in the u.k. abu right he has these tweeted that downing street would be a base for muslims and the trafalgar square is where public executions would take place already something like five hundred people have travelled out to syria and iraq from the u.k. and the overriding concern for anti terror police here is that they could return to britain and commit acts of violence here. from the london based this law make human rights commission says the number of radicals in the u.k. is growing because of its involvement in the syrian crisis. we are all worried. that we have been told that these people are going to come back and create problems
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here but the reality is that these people are creating problems in syria which british government is supporting the opposition. you know where these people getting their arms and the fact that there. is a lot to do with the way that the british government is being sort of the ring in one minute supporting the opposition next minute calling them terrorists and it was only two months ago that our this is was identified as clear as a terrorist organization by the british government while this. may have been killing it's been going on for a very long time i think there is a lot of answering by the british government over this let's continue with more news from around the globe a taliban suicide attack in the town this town has killed four nato soldiers your base ten civilians and two policemen are also among the casualties is solved came soon after the independent election committee announced ashraf ghani had won
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a presidential runoff his rival abdullah abdullah branded the result a coup against the people insisting the process was rigged. al-qaeda linked militants from the al shabaab group have attacked the presidential palace in somalia's capital militants who reportedly captured part of the building have now been removed by security forces nine of the attackers were killed the president was not there at the time there's been regular attacks in the city since twenty eleven with four people dying in a car bombing on saturday. parcel typhoons batter japan's open our island chain causing waves untermensch of rain up to five hundred thousand people have been told to seek shelter and at least one person has been killed the storm caused massive power outages for schools to close and triggered flight cancellations warnings of potential flooding and heavy downpours have. also been issued for japan's western media. and a british chief executive of
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a partner company has been detained by brazilian police as part of an investigation into illegal ticket sales last week more than ten other people were tains accused of belonging to an international accounting which resells world cup tickets. could have operated out up to four tournaments making almost one hundred million dollars in the process. the n.s.a. has been spying on its own people its friends and even on entire nations recording every phone call made in the bahamas. so fine assuming you think you do what you say so we. look up to you before. your very revealing the whole world independent journalist nimrod came or went to find out what people on the government think about being watched by washington and what the plan to do about it what's the first part of his journey. of the bahamas tomorrow here on r t. the entire italian alpine village
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is being sold on e bay it's located near national park fourteen lofts with scenic fuse it's in need of a little renovation but the asking price for the entire village is a bargain basement two hundred forty five dollars and although political analysts polled in a phone a believes this is just another sign of economic decay. this is not the first case need to be actually of villages which are being sold but this is the first time actually that people even those houses in the decides to quit the place selling everything and try to change life so evidently it doesn't mean that it's easy economic situation for them to see also suffer in fronts of sufferers of similar situations where the number of customs for sale is credibly high and they're relatively cheap great culture has been subsidized but finally it is dead i mean this is not allowing these people to really make their living out of it so
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with the cutting in the in the budgets of this is reflecting the lists of the less infrastructures less services and in perspective for these people the only thing to do is to sell and run away. that's the news this hour but up next here in our to international moxon stacy look out the latest financial world stumbles in the kaiser report to stay with us. when people talk about human rights violations you should involve some pro western protesters getting beaten up and response from mainstream media is usually to bomb somebody somewhere so good thing they haven't picked up a story from detroit that the u.n. is calling
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a human rights violation residents of the motor city are well sadly the former motor city who are hundred fifty dollars or more behind on their water bills are getting their water shut off completely the different water and sewage department is five billion dollars in debt and that is a justification to crack down on deadbeats on the surface the seems like an open and shut case of course everyone has the right to water especially detroit which is near a huge bodies of fresh water that other cities could only dream of. but on the other hand if the poor don't pay for water then us taxpayers will be paying for it for them and that's not fair i think this is not so much a case of a right to water but a right to decent plummet and a crapshoot for a city government back when people detroit had good salaries and a government that wasn't flagrantly corrupt they would have any problems paying for their water bills but that's just my pretty. well told you my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read
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the reports but i'm not pushing the no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point to say it's secure yet a car is on the docket no. thank you no more weasel words. when you fade a direct question be prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for a. critical speech a little down the street into class. on air and in the financial world. to see these developments cannot stop because it only takes no demand for credit nothing to get any economic benefit in life there are.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser my friends there are no friends so said coco chanel jim has all been speaking of global wants are fiscal and economic policy these days a collapsing empire which america is teaching everyone how to lose friends and not influence people. max the europeans are saying enough is enough and the first headline is from france france's neuer says b.m.p. may prompt shift away from dollar so this is the bank of france governor christian noir and he said that the u.s. investigation into b m p perry by which they might find the ten billion dollars may encourage companies to stop using dollars in international transactions he said quote we can say that companies would have maximum interest to do the most possible transactions in other currencies neuer who is also a member of the european central bank's governing council said yesterday on b.f.m. television trade between china and europe do it in your rows do it in remember stop
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doing it in dollars this is an affair that will leave marks yeah that's right the countries around the world are getting out of the u.s. dollar and we're saying we're more well the petro ruble is here you know you got the big russia and china gas deal which is going to be done in something other than dollars now that's my understanding and you have an offramp saying that french companies like big toe tell the big energy company they don't need to trade in dollars do deals in dollars people want out of the dollars of the extraordinary privilege or the extraordinary produce privilege that charles de gaulle mentioned exorbitant for you know the exorbitant price privilege that charles de gaulle mentioned that the u.s. gets to write checks with their mouth that their bank account never has to cash the rest of world is saying we don't want this extraordinary extra bit extraordinary privilege well actually this is an interesting time to look back to because that was in one nine hundred sixty nine that tells the girls i find it's been.


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